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Create beautiful tile-maps in Unity

TileWorldCreator is a powerful autotiling editor tool for the Unity engine. Create procedural tile maps and spawn objects based on different algorithms, rules and modifiers.

Procedural & Manual

Design your world with procedural algorithms and modifiers or paint your map directly in the editor.

Simple workflow

Define specific parts of your map with different layers and rule based selections.

Instantiate objects

Instantiate objects like trees, stones and decals with the build layer.

Intuitive workflow

The new blueprint and build layers-stack workflow introduces an intuitive, flexible and non-destructive way for creating autotiled maps. Design your maps with the available generators and modifiers, create multiple layers and use rule based selections and algorithms for different parts of your map. Use the build layers to instantiate either tiles or objects from the blueprint layers.

All within the easy to use editor.

  • Procedural algorithms (Cellular Automata, BSP, L-System etc.)
  • Modifiers (shrink, expand, smooth, invert, pathfinding etc.) and rule based selection
  • Flexibel, non-destructive layer based workflow
  • Use any prefab / mesh for your tiles
  • Support for 4-Tiles and 6-Tiles types

Clever optimizations

TileWorldCreator can merge single tiles in to larger "chunks" automatically, which allows you to create large maps. And even though your tiles are merged, they are still modifiable. TileWorldCreator takes care of only re-building the neccessary adjacent tiles, if they're modified at runtime.

Collision mesh

TileWorldCreator can automatically generate a simplified collision mesh based on the tile-map. The additional border offset allows you to control the exact collision edge.

Demo scenes

TileWorldCreator comes with over 10 demo scenes such as:

  • Runtime editor
  • "Anno"-like road editor
  • Dungeon map (mini-game)
  • Mix tile-sets
  • Pathfinding
  • Generate map by texture

Tile presets

TileWorldCreator comes with over 10 ready to use tile-presets.

  • Cliff island tiles
  • Dungeon tiles
  • Sci-Fi tiles
  • 2D island tiles
  • Road tiles
  • and more...

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