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TileWorldCreator is a powerful autotiling editor tool for the Unity engine. Create procedural tile maps and spawn objects based on different algorithms, rules and modifiers.

Beautiful tile maps

  • Create stunning islands, dungeons or any type of 3D tilemaps for your game.
  • Design your world with the five procedural algorithms and modifiers or paint your map directly in the editor.
  • Define specific parts of your map with different layers and rule based selections.
  • Instantiate objects like trees, stones and decals with the build layer.

New version 3

Version 3 is not just an “update”. It has been completely rewritten from scratch. We’ve put all the experience and feedback gathered over the years in to this version to make it the best ever. Please note that maps saved with version 2 are not compatible.

Intuitive workflow

The new blueprint and build layers-stack workflow introduces an intuitive, flexible and non-destructive way for creating autotiled maps.
Design your maps with the available generators and modifiers, create multiple layers and use rule based selections and algorithms for different parts of your map. Use the build layers to instantiate either tiles or objects from the blueprint layers.
All within the easy to use editor.

Layer based

All layers and its corresponding action stack are being executed from top to bottom. You want an Island with a sand tileset and a inner grass tileset? No problem – First create the base sand layer with a cellular automata generator. Then add a second layer for the inner grass tiles with an “Add” and “Shrink” modifier.

  • The “Add” modifier adds the sand map to the grass layer.
  • The “Shrink” modifier then, shrinks the map by one tile around the border. No we have a nice inner map for our grass tileset.
> 9 Tile presets

TileWorldCreator comes with over nine ready to use tile presets. All presets from version 2 are included as well.


TileWorldCreator comes with multiple map generation algorithms like: cellular automata, BSP-Dungeon, L-System, maze and noise.


Modify your map with the available modifiers like: smooth, shrink, expand or invert. Use the selection modifier to extract specific parts from your map based on rules.

Editor & Runtime

Modify a map in the editor or at runtime. Thanks to the intelligent clustering, only tiles which have been changed are being rebuilded instead of the complete map, even when tiles are merged.

  • Flexibel, non-destructive layer based workflow

  • 9 ready to use tile presets

  • Several procedural map algorithms like cellular automata, BSP, L-System and maze

  • Paint map in editor

  • Automatic collision mesh generation

  • Runtime map modification

  • Multiple demo scenes including a runtime editor

  • Map clustering and merging system

  • Save and load maps in editor and at runtime

  • Implement your own algorithms or map modifiers

Collision mesh generation

TileWorldCreator v.3 can automatically generate a simplified collision mesh based on the tilemap. The additional border offset allows you to control the exact collision edge.

Multiple demo scenes included

The package contains over 10 demo scenes, including a runtime editor and a dungeon demo where dungeons are generated procedurally when player reaches the last room.

Online documentation

TileWorldCreator has an easy to follow and extensive online documentation. The online documentation is located on Github for best reliability.

Getting started
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